Pest Control and Animal Control for Squirrels

Since controlling animals from entering human environments is important, Forsyth Wildlife has prepared some information that may help you to understand squirrel control.  Trapping alone for squirrels is not recommended.  Our recommended method is exclusion.  Unlike small insects and pests, squirrels are large enough to allow professionals to perform exclusion and trapping methods in order to completely eliminate their entry points to attics and buildings.
Forsyth Wildlife strongly urges you against the use of poison to attempt to control squirrels.  The outcome of its use is more often detrimental than helpful.  Squirrels commonly die inside walls and underneath insulation, causing fly and odor problems that could last for weeks or months.
When squirrels have young, controlling them gets more complicated.  Exclusion and hand-removal of the babies is the preferred option.  Our professionals at Forsyth Wildlife relocate newly born animals while attempting not to harm them.  They then attempt to relocate the young to suitable natural environments.
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Mario Ramirez