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Flies in my Home or Place of Business

Based on the 30 years Forsyth Wildlife has been dealing with wildlife and pests, the most common fly in Georgia homes is the Blow Fly.  This is a large, metallic green, gray, blue or black fly found throughout the state of Georgia.  Since these flies depend on animal carcasses to develop and survive, they are less affected by weather conditions than other species of flies.  When animals die inside structures, blow flies will lay their eggs in the carcass.  The larvae will develop off of the decaying flesh, and adult Blow Flies will emerge to infest homes and buildings by the hundreds.  Be aware that having wild animals living in close proximity (i.e. crawl space, attic, basement, drop ceiling, etc…)  will allow integration of scavengers such as flies and could pose a potential health threat to human inhabitants.  Forsyth Wildlife recommends that you solve all animal issues in the interior of the buildings to ensure that no fly issues threaten the health and well being of those important to you.

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