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Professional Squirrel Trap

Professional Cage Trap. This is a great tool for trapping large squirrels, skunks, mink and rabbits. The traps which only have one door are designed, used, and modified by professional animal removal and wildlife professionals. They are very durable, resist corrosion and ensure live, safe, and secure catches.

Price: $83
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Professional Glue Boards

Glue Trays. A professional deep plastic tray that holds lots of trapping power compared with other glue boards. The professional glue board attracts rodents and holds them in place for removal and location. You may be able to reverse the effect of the glue board with oil in case of nontarget animal contact or target animal release.

Price: $9
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Professional Snap Traps

The Professional Rat Trap is different from what is available in convinient stores. Designed and build by animal removal and wildlife professionals for pest management use since it is more powerfull and durable. The traps are equipped with a unique setting control which allows you to use a soft or sensitive setting for normal situations or a firmer setting in situations where vibrating machinery or other manufacturing operations could prematurely set off the trap. Can be used in a baited or unbaited manner. A typical unbaited trap is placed perpendicular to a walls surface where the rats are travelling, forcing them to pass over the triggering plate and be captured.

Price: $8
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