They’re cute, they’re fluffy – but when they get into your home, they can be an absolute menace. Squirrels are usually quite harmless in your yard, so unless they are raiding your bird feeders too many times for comfort, they shouldn’t be an issue. If they are inside your living space however, that’s another story.

Once they’ve moved in, squirrels are notoriously hard to get rid of. They also can attract a whole host of other pests to your property. If you think you have squirrels in your attic or other living spaces, it’s best to call a professional squirrel removal company like Forsyth Wildlife.

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How can I tell if I have a squirrel problem?

Squirrels LOVE to live in attics. They will either find an opening in your roof, or chew their way inside with their powerful teeth. Unfortunately the damage doesn’t stop there. One of the main reasons squirrels come indoors is to find a warm, dry place to lay their young – which means they will want to nest.

Squirrels will gnaw through wood, insulation, wires, and pipes. This can set you up for fire risk and structural damage amongst other things. With all this gnawing, you will hear scuffling and scratching in your ceiling or chimney, especially in the morning and evening when squirrels are most active.

A squirrel might even drop into your house through the fireplace, and then you’re in for real excitement!

Can I get rid of squirrels on my own?

Squirrel pest control is a delicate and difficult business. Squirrels are an important part of Georgia wildlife, and whenever possible, it’s best to live trap them and release them into the wild. However, attempting this yourself can be dangerous and leave you open to future infestations.

The traps you can buy in the store are often not big enough or strong enough to do more than injure a squirrel. When injured by a trap, squirrels will try to retreat further into your house for protection – often positioning themselves in very hard to reach areas like wall voids or under insulation.

If you have a squirrel die in your house, either from poison or injury by trap, it creates an entirely new problem for you. You may not be able to get to the squirrel to remove it from your property, and then you will have a horrible smell to contend with on top of everything else.

How does squirrel removal work?

To make sure the squirrels on your property are removed properly and humanly, it’s best to consult professionals. The experts at Forsyth Wildlife can easily assist you in squirrel removal from attics, chimneys, and basements.

We will perform a multi-step process to remove squirrels from your property, ensure the safety and integrity of your home, and prevent any other pests from entering.
Our professional trappers know how many traps to place, the optimal placement for them, and what entry areas to seal to prevent re-infestations. We will inspect your home, find any entry holes, and help repair damage squirrels may have caused by nesting.

In most cases, the squirrel in question is usually a mother with babies, so we do our best to safely and humanely remove all the animals so they can be relocated in the wild.

Squirrel feces and pheromones are enticing to other squirrels, rodents, and even cockroaches – so it’s important to properly clean the area to prevent other pest issues. After the squirrel removal is finished, we will thoroughly clean the area to destroy any organic matter left behind.

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