Generally persistent animals. In homes, they are notorious for eating out of bird feeders, digging in flower beds, inhabiting attics and basements, and chewing on wood and wires.

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Using snap or rat traps to control squirrels may work in some cases, but killing the squirrel is not the easiest or best way to control these animals. Squirrels many times are a little bigger than what snap traps are designed for, so the squirrels may not die and will carry the trap to areas where human access is restricted. The injured squirrel many times carries the trap into areas like wall voids or under insulation, and once it finally dies, can be difficult to locate. Now you have a problem that still hasn’t been permanently resolved, and a foul smell to deal with. Snap traps are also hard to set and dangerous to remove. Human injury can occur for those who are not trained to set and/or remove traps.

Live cages are a better option, but if not combined with a full home exclusion this can be a never-ending job. Squirrels leave pheromones behind when they infest attics, which are highly attractive to other animals, making it almost impossible to catch all squirrels. Rats and mice are also attracted to this scent, which sends the message that says, “Come live here, it’s nice and cozy!” Other animals will also figure out the location of the trap, or the way it works and will avoid the devices altogether. Professional trappers will know how many traps to place, the optimal placement for them, and more importantly what entry areas to seal to prevent re-infestations.

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