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Live Animal Removal


As wildlife professionals we get asked many times what do we do with the wildlife and animals we encounter? is Forsyth Widlife and exterminating green? are we environmentally responsible? do we use humane practices? The answer to these 4 questions is the same: YES. With a civil and environmental engineer on staff as well as a certified entomologist, Forsyth Widlife and Exterminating tries to capture live as many squirrels as possible due to their beneficial value to the environment. 

live animal removal

Our company tries to relocate as many animals as possible, but relocation of all animals is no-recommended by the Department of Natural Resources. We would like to say that every animal caught is relocated, but in our attempt to protect human environments some wildlife casualties are experienced and others are induced. In some cases wildlife is sick and then with the stress of being trap they don’t have enough strength to survive.

Sick wildlife is very dangerous and toxic to humans, so it is always recommended to eliminate sources of human toxins when identified. Even in some cases sick wildlife small animals that are captured need to be removed for the health of the environment and the recommendation of the Department of Natural Resources. With all sincerity our company has not been able to capture many live rats, these rodents are sneaky and unless they are trap in large numbers, their reproduction rate is very fast preventing their live trapping and control.

We are very environmentally responsible; we do not use rodent poison inside structures since they can contaminate non target animals and spaces as well as kill wildlife at non desirable places such as behind walls, under sub-flooring, and inside air conditioning ducts creating a bigger problem and bringing more toxins into the air.

Humane practices have being our most powerful strengthen, our commitment to separate wildlife and human environments by a thin piece of metal is the most humane practice possible. When animals discovered all entryways to a structure are sealed, they look to build a nest in nature (wildlife), where they belong. Animals have and will survive without insulation, attics, crawl spaces, easy access to dog food, and or human food, and potable water. Rats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, flying squirrels and other animals will always find a way to survive in the wild.

Please allow us to help you resolve all your wildlife needs such as structural exclusion, trapping, and disinfection and deodorization of areas where wildlife once nested or past by.

live animal control

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Forsyth Wildlife offers wildlife and animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA and nearby cities:

Live Animal Removal Service in Atlanta

Live Animal Removal Service in Atlanta