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Weigh over 1 lb. One female rodent can produce up to 150 offspring per year. They carry diseases and chew pipes and cables. Rats are strong climbers and often infest attics. They will, however, still infest basements and other living spaces. In Alpharetta rat removal, and metro Atlanta rat removal, Forysth Wildlife is the expert rat removal exclusion company you should contact.
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When hearing noises at night it is very likely that your attic or structure is infested by rats. These creatures multiply very quickly and eat almost anything. From wood to insulation, rats can use a wide variety of materials to create nesting sites and favorable environments. Rats need to be excluded from human-inhabited buildings since they can be dangerous in many ways. Rat management is crucial if wires, cables, hoses, and pipes are existent in a building. Rats are known to chew on wires causing fires, chew on hoses causing floods, and chew on cables damaging entire networks. At the same time, rat excrement could be very detrimental to the health of humans and pets. Rats urinate and defecate at all times leaving their excrement on top of food and food preparation areas. Rat management is a must in all residential and commercial structures due to their rapid reproduction and potential to cause damage. If you or someone you know suspects a rat infestation, please contact Forsyth Wildlife immediately in order to reduce damage and contamination.

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