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Mole Removal Service


Effective mole control and mole catcher services in Metro Atlanta

You can tell if you have a mole visiting or living in your lawn: It is easy to spot a molehill in your nice yard. And yes, it may cause some anxiety, especially if you think about the underground work they have done! This makes your property and surface weak and unstable. Just so you know, moles don’t carry any disease but they do dig tunnels looking for food, excavating fast.

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Moles: what you don’t know

If you are familiar with the moles and its habits, you can find a better solution to the issue. Here some facts:

  • Let’s talk about tunnels: They may be more extensive than you think. If you noticed the molehills, you can imagine there is a tunnel under. You are right, and there is also a network that has deeper and larger tunnels.

  • Did you know that moles are also great swimmers? That’s right, you may find them in areas where the water table is high, but sandy soil can also be preferred by moles as digging tunnels is easier.

  • Moles eat a lot, they prefer earthworms and as they are insectivores, they also eat centipedes, millipedes and insect larvae. That’s why a peanut butter bait won’t work.

Professional moles Exterminators – Affordable & Reliable moles Removal

Controlling and eradicating moles is controversial because some people think that they don’t do much damage. But you know, like all wild animals, it important to control them.

If you notice moles, call (678) 341-4945 and schedule an appointment for one of Forsyth Wildlife mole control specialists to conduct a complete inspection and analysis of your property.

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Areas that we serve

Forsyth Wildlife offers wildlife and animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties in Atlanta, GA and nearby cities:

Mole Removal Service in Atlanta

Mole Removal Service in Atlanta