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Squirrels in Attic

After years of experience and thousands of jobs performed by Mario Ramirez and his crew at Forsyth Wildlife, we have desired to write an article on why? and how? squirrels get inside attics, fireplaces, walls, and even inside homes.

Understanding that having noises and or animals in your attic is a problem, many home and business owners do not really understand the seriousness of the issue since it is the first time they have had to deal with it. Most people are mislead to solutions such as poisoning and trapping that will cause more harm than good at the end. Poisoning creates unhealthy environments, and odors; trapping may leave young alone to die. When animals nest and take control of an attic they do not understand the functionality of cables, pipes, or insulation. Animals are nesting, searching for food and for materials suitable for building comfortable nesting sites. Cable and piping chewing and damaging building useful resources such as insulation, siding, and wood are just the natural way animals survive.

Why are squirrels inside attics, crawl spaces, or houses? Starting with attics and crawl spaces, squirrels get there because of a nice temperature difference, the height, and the abundance of nesting materials. When animals are searching for food and a place to nest, they find comfortable the fact that through openings they can sense either a cooler or a warmer space inside the opening (hole in foundation, siding, roof, or soffits.) depending on the season. Based on experience squirrels will get into homes and businesses around fall and winter more than in the summer, but they still get inside year round.

Squirrels inside a house or a business are more of an accidental entry, a door left open, a window left open or an attic door left down for a long time are normal accidental entry ways. More than once squirrels have found ways to get inside homes through the fireplace or chimney, they will find that a chimney is comfortable and gain access inside by chewing holes in the siding or under the chimney. When inside fireplaces and chimneys, squirrels find easy access inside homes.

How do squirrels get in attics, crawl spaces, or houses? Contrary to many assumptions squirrels, rats, and other small animals can easily climb walls, pipes, stucco, brick, and any construction material used to protect a building from the elements. Initially one assumes that squirrels have to jump from trees in order to get to an attic, and even though commonly we face the case where squirrels and rats jump from trees to roofs; more often than not, we find that squirrels climb up from the ground to the roofs. My understanding is that most homes are high and squirrels are used to the climbing trees to get to nesting sites, a home compares to a tree with a really wide trunk and that is why squirrels climb up to attics.

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Alpharetta, GA Animal Removal

Alpharetta is an elite suburb of Atlanta, GA.. Forsyth Wildlife has serviced Alpharetta homes & businesses for over 30 years and has established a solide reputation as a dependable pest control, termite control, and animal removal or wildlife management company. Forsyth Wildlife takes pride in running a very ethical, fair, and honest business operation for the benefit of Fulton County residents, and will do so for generations to come. The schools in Alpharetta, Georgia are ranked among the highest in the state and it boasts a much lower crime rate than Atlanta. But just because the crime rate is low, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about uninvited guests invading your home.

Alpharetta has large populations of wildlife, pests, and termites which pose a threat to home and business owners. One call to Forsyth Wildlife animal removal professionals is all you need to take care of any issue. Our services make living in a suburban area enjoyable without the hassle of annoying pests. The company has been servicing Alpharetta, Georgia since 1980. Forsyth Wildlife has removed squirrels, rats, skunks, bats, bees, wasps, hornets, flying squirrels, raccoons, and many other wild animals from homes in the Alpharetta, Georgia area. Forsyth Wildlife wants to thank the thousands of home and business owners in the Alpharetta, Georgia area for using us for prevention, eradication, trapping, and removal of animals, pests, and bees. Since our inception in 1980, the population has grown tremendously.

The once country-like roads have transitioned to bustling highways, which presents a challenge to arrive to appointments quickly in order to remove animals such as squirrels and rats, but we always do our best to be on time to appointments to your house or place of business. Alpharetta, Georgia is an enormously upscale community which opens doors for bigger and more difficult to construct homes.During construction, builders leave many open holes where wildlife and animals find their way into homes and businesses. Due to all the natural forests, lakes and rivers nearby, animals and wildlife are a major nuisance.

Just call the professional trappers at Forsyth Wildlife to help with one of the major setbacks of moving to Alpharetta, Georgia. Animals and wildlife do not differentiate between big, small, messy, new, old, dirty, or clean houses and businesses. If you have wildlife or non-pet animals and want to know how to kill, remove, or control squirrels, rats, raccoons, you need professional help. Living in Alpharetta, Georgia and working in the metro Atlanta area is very relaxing and nontoxic, so do not let a simple wildlife problem put a damper on your enjoyment of nature.

Just remember that anyone can have issues with wildlife at any time within any place. Hiring the right company is the key to resolving any rodent or animal issue. With averages prices of $800 – $2500 your animal issue will be resolved. Forsyth Wildlife has been able to offer professional, honest, fair, and reasonable trapping, wildlife removal, and home repairs to prevent animal entry for Alpharetta home and business owners. Once you hire the professional licensed trappers of Forsyth Wildlife you and your family or employees can rest assured that you are in good hands!